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We recently converted this customer from a wood burning fireplace to a lovely natural gas insert.  Our customers were reluctant to switch from wood burning to natural gas, but have grown to love the convenience of heat with just a click!  The best part is their 4 legged family member is a HUGE FAN of the new fireplace!  His favorite spot is right in front (see photo) — when he hears the remote beep to turn on, he comes running to his favorite spot of the house!


We LOVE this fireplace!  When we purchased our forever EG home in Sherwood, we had a complete remodel (fixer upper) on our hands.  We knew we had to find a place for a gas fireplace, which we did.  It was the best decision because our employees and customers use it on the daily during these colder days!  Being a family run business… providing a space where people feel at home is a priority!


West Linn Air Conditioner install — keeping it cool!  Even though the NW isn’t as hot as other parts of the country, we have found our customers that have invested in A/C have never regretted investing in their cooling equipment.  After all, how can you put a price on Comfort?


This was a beautiful remodel project we were a part of.  This customer’s entire home turned out beautiful, but the fireplace was one of our favorite spaces!  We can help you source, install and walk you through a project just like this!